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Josh Gunderson, Educational Speaker, Internet Safety
"Gunderson is a one-man show of angst and
energy, stories backed by a laptop, a big screen
and a lot of knowledge on the fascination as well as
the pitfalls of social networking"
The Lynn Daily Item, April 15, 2010
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Social Networking In The Classroom
With more and more schools moving towards having a 1:2:1 environment, educators are trying to
find the best ways to incorporate popular social networking sites into an educational setting. Josh
works with educators to help them find ways to utilize popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and
more in the classroom. [
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Josh is pleased to offer a varieties of programs and workshops to fit the needs of your school,
conference, or organization. Each program and workshop is fully customizable to fit your
needs. Let us work with you to create a one of a kind experience for your audience!
media are being used attack and bully others with a strong focus on what parents, families and
students can do to decrease the harm it causes. [
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