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Josh Gunderson, Educational Speaker, Internet Safety
Formally titled "Hooked on Facebook", this program covers the pros and cons of social
networking. Students are asked to look beyond the screen into the real world to learn how an
online identity can affect one's reality. How much information is too much? What should you do
if you are being bullied? If you see someone else being bullied? [
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Josh is pleased to offer a varieties of programs and workshops to fit the needs of you school,
conference, or organization. Each program and workshop is fully customizable to fit your
needs. Let us work with you to create a one of a kind experience for your audience!
In less than a minute one tweet, photo, video, status update can reach millions of people all
around the world. In the online world we all leave behind our unique digital trail- the end results
can be big or small, helpful or harmful and has the power to affect people’s future.
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I'm Going Viral!
It seems like every time you turn on the computer, you're hearing about the latest Internet
Sensation- Justin Beiber, Rebecca Black, even PSY's Gangnam Style. On the flip side we hear
about the downfalls of these same stars- alcohol, drugs and more. By uploading one video,
sending one tweet, uploading a photo what was once private becomes very public. [
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Your Digital Resume
In today’s world of e-mail, texting and social media it’s easy to get caught up in all that the digital
world has to offer. Few people realize that simple, everyday tasks like filling out a survey,
sending an e-mail, posting photos and videos, even a quick search on Google leave behind a
trail of information. More than ever colleges and employers are searching for potential applicants
through social networking sites. [
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"...for the three years I've been at GMHS you've
been the most informative, confidant, and
approachable speaker we have ever had!"
Hailey P, Students, Georgetown, MA
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