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General Program

Fully customizable to the
needs of the school.

Allows for audience
question and answer
following completion of
the program.

Audience participation
throughout presentation
keeps students engaged.
Josh Gunderson, Educational Speaker, Internet Safety
"Gunderson is a one-man show of angst and
energy, stories backed by a laptop, a big screen
and a lot of knowledge on the fascination as well as
the pitfalls of social networking"
The Lynn Daily Item, April 15, 2010
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students easy-to-remember online safety rules, as well as
age-appropriate explanations of online and personal safety risks.
The students get involved in the action, helping Josh figure out the
Anyway?" Once they have the rules down, the audience and Josh
move through the cyber-world on the hunt for the Online Meanies
of the Internet. Afterwards, volunteers are brought on stage to play
an advanced round of "What Rule is it Anyway?"
Topics Covered: Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying, Online Privacy
Target Audience: Elementary Students (Grades 1-5)
Running Time: 30-45 Minutes