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Josh Gunderson, Educational Speaker, Internet Safety
energy, stories backed by a laptop, a big screen
and a lot of knowledge on the fascination as well as
the pitfalls of social networking"
The Lynn Daily Item, April 15, 2010
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By Cindy Aguirre-Herrera | Seguin Gazette

(Seguin) — Local middle school students this week will be getting a lesson on Facebook. A
presentation, titled, “Hooked on Facebook" will be presented at various middle schools by national
expert Josh Gunderson.

The presentations are an extension of tonight’s community forum titled, “Cyber Bullying:
Perpetrators, Bystanders and Victims; What Can We Do to Decrease the Harm That It Does?" The
community presentation will be held at Texas Lutheran University.

Dr. Norman Beck, chairman of TLU’s Department of Theology, Philosophy and Classical
Languages, says the forum is part of the first Sam and Jennie Selig Lectures hosted by the

He says this week’s focus on cyber bullying is a vital resource for today’s parents and children. He
says in the age of cell phones, iPads, computers and other technology, children are reportedly
becoming victimized more and more with threats of all kinds.

"Parents may not know about it at all. Young people may not say anything to their parents about it.
They may just suffer and show signs of stress that the parents may not know why they are sad. Of
course in the worst situations, there are suicides — significant number of suicides — and parents
don’t necessarily know," said Beck.

Beck says cyber bullying is already an act experienced or witnessed by most adults especially
through social networking. He says because cyber bullying can often be private, helping kids deal
with such threats can be a bit more challenging.

"It’s much more difficult to stop it or to resist it or to do something about it than somebody in the
locker room. We all remember those things when we were young and it’s much more difficult to
respond to this, to resist it, to help the young people. They can complain about bullying at school
or even in the streets and the police can help and the school administrators can help, parents,
grandparents can help but it’s a lot harder with cyber bullying. So much more insidious and much
more wide spread actually," said Beck.

Following tonight’s community forum, Gunderson will spend most of this week visiting students.
Beck says his presentation titled, “Hooked on Facebook" will give real-life examples of positives
and negatives of the online world with a special focus on the abuses caused by cyber bullying.

Beck describes Gunderson as one of the best presenters on the subject. Beck says Gunderson
has years of experience in educational theatre making him not only qualified but interesting for
any audience. Highlighting areas such as thinking before you post, privacy, online identity,
bullying, pictures and sexting, Beck says Gunderson uses his own unique brand of comedy to
explain the rules for internet safety.

"He’s an actor as well as a speaker. He gets involved very heavily. He doesn’t stay at a mic and
give a speech. He gets right down in front of the kids — in front of the audience — and he’s good
at that. We could have gotten scholars who have written books and articles on this. They would
have been good also. But we felt that he could communicate much better," said Beck. It will be
informal. He’s very good at this. He does this all over the country so it will be excellent."

The schedule for presentations by Gunderson include 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Saegert Sixth Grade
Center; 2 p.m. Tuesday at A.J. Briesemeister Middle School; 9 a.m. Wednesday at Jim Barnes
Middle School and at 1 p.m. Wednesday at Marion Middle School.

Beck encourages all parents if available to also attend the various presentations at each of the
respective campuses. He says middle school is an ideal time to begin talking to kids about the
responsibility when utilizing technology and social networking.

The Sam and Jennie Selig Lectures promote the importance of respecting diversity in hopes of
educating youth in order to decrease discrimination. This week’s event is being sponsored by the
Texas Lutheran University Guadalupe County Community Symposium and Brown Cultural
Enrichment Endowment Fund.