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Josh Gunderson, Educational Speaker, Internet Safety
"Gunderson is a one-man show of angst and
energy, stories backed by a laptop, a big screen
and a lot of knowledge on the fascination as well as
the pitfalls of social networking"
The Lynn Daily Item, April 15, 2010
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Gunderson offers a different approach

By Christian Lujan | The Antelope Online | Original Article

LIVE, LAUGH, LEARN: Speaker uses stories to note positives, negatives of online world.

Coaches for Loper athletes thought it was important for their student athletes to hear what Josh
Gunderson had to say about the pros and cons of social networking, Facebook and other social
media websites. They were all among the audience on Feb. 29 at the Health and Sports Center.

Gunderson, a unique speaker who just graduated from college in 2009, has set out to change the
lives of elementary, high school and college students. With eight years of experience in
educational theater, he has made appearances on Bravo and Comedy Central. Armed with his
laptop and the belief that learning doesn’t have to be boring, he travels across from the United
States discussing how to be safe on the Internet with his presentation of “Hooked On Facebook.”

Gunderson, focusing his presentation on Internet safety, spoke about how much impact Facebook
and other social media have on the individual’s appearance. “Take the time to think about how
you are representing yourself and how you look in the eyes of the public,” Gunderson said. “How
you come across on your Facebook or Twitter may be the only impression that a person may get
of you.”

“With students sharing every waking moment with the rest of the world, they are opening
themselves and their friends to a lot of trouble,” Gunderson said. “It is important that as they begin
taking the steps towards the rest of their lives; one post, one picture could ruin their chances at
their future career.”

Gunderson said social media is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. For instance,
email is used in the business world as a major form of contact. Gunderson said the name of your
email address can either help you or go against you and is very important when applying for a job
or contacting a person for information. “Using your college email address looks very professional
on job applicants,” Gunderson said, “as opposed to cutiepiexoxo@hotmail.com.”

Gunderson also reminded students that the pictures that are put up on Facebook can harm you
during a job search. Often, a representative for that job you have applied for will go and look at
Facebook to get a first look at who the person is in everyday life. The pictures posted on
Facebook represent the person, and the company may not want to hire someone who looks bad
in their photos because that person would then be representing that company.

Gunderson talked about “sexting” and the dangers that go along with taking that risk. “Imagine
getting in a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and they send out a mass text of the picture you
sent them.”

“Once you post information on the Internet, it’s there forever,” he said.

Gunderson said he was bullied in high school and college and has managed to overcome being
bullied,though that is not always the story. “Bullying is a very serious topic and needs to be taken
seriously because of all the innocent lives that are lost because of being bullied at school,“ he

Gunderson created “Tips for Tackling Bullies.” He advised his audience: “Don’t respond, don’t
retaliate, save the evidence, block the bully, talk about it, be a friend not a bystander and take the
time to think. Show them you are better.”

Gunderson’s presentation was an eye-opener. The dangers that are out there on the Internet are
real. The user must be smart about what is put onto the web and who that information may affect.