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Maximize The Effectiveness of Your Assembly
Treat the assembly like a special occasion.

Students follow the lead of the administration and teachers. If the adults act excited for the assembly,
the students will follow suit. The more special the assembly is, the more students will pay attention.
Some schools make a day or even week of an assembly. "Internet Safety Day" or "Bully Prevention
Week" to add to the excitement. Please ask that the teachers are not reading or grading papers during
the presentation- sounds odd but it has happened- if teachers aren't paying attention, why should the

Prepare for the introduction.

The introduction sets the tone for the entire assembly. Reading it out loud, at least one time before the
assembly will help ensure a smooth delivery with minimal mistakes. As the introducer, you are a leader
for the audience.  You should model the behavior you want the audience to adopt.  You can capture
the students’ attention and control immediately, and then transfer both to the speaker. The introduction
can be found on Josh's technical rider.

Hold the assembly in an appropriate location.

The location of the assembly should be comfortable and well lit. Students should be seated comfortably
so they aren’t tempted to stir.  The area should also be well-lit so they aren’t tempted to sleep or
socialize under the cover of darkness.

Audio/Video Equipment Requirements

1) Projection screen and projector with appropriate cord to connect to a standard laptop
2) Two-tiered AV cart with electrical feed into the cart
3) Microphone. Cordless is preferred, but generally any microphone will work so long as the cord is
long enough to allow movement around the space.
4) Someone available to adjust lighting before the appearance
5) No internet or audio connection to the computer is needed.
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